The Library

Here you will find hundreds and hundreds of stories, books and reading cartoons!

They are arranged (roughly) in order, with the simpler texts for younger readers or those still learning English at the top, and the more advanced reading materials lower down.


You can have fun reading SymbolWorld . With pictures underneath all of the words, it's a great way to read the news, stories and information articles!

Songs and Short Stories (with transcripts and worksheets included) from the British Council.

BigMyth - choose an area of the world and see an animated myth from it.

Oxford Owl has over 250 free ebooks to read at all levels (free registration required).

Children's Classic Books Online - The Rosetta Projects

The Baldwin Project - "Bringing yesterday's classics to today's children"

Storynory - read and listen to stories old and new!

Read The Great Plant Expedition - a roleplaying story I wrote to learn about plants and history.

Read stories about the Heroes from Ancient Greek Myths and play this story-writing game with Heracles and the Lernean Hydra .

Into the Book will teach you all the different skills you need for good reading. With videos, games and lots of fun stories and texts, it's easy to become a great reader!

ReadTheory is an excellent website which will test and assess you. It is, of course, free!

Lone Wolf : play these fantastic roleplaying gamebooks. When I was growing up (in the 1990s) these books were very popular. Now, out of print, the author has kindly made them available for free. Imagine the adventures of a Jedi from Star Wars living in the land of the Lord of the Rings, and you'll be pretty close!

Fighting Fantasy - download and read this free Mini-Adventure about Yellowbelly Mountain!

Neil Griffiths, well-known children's author and guest speaker at my school, has a website - /

Dogo News - a website to feed young minds.

The ICDL (International Children's Digital Library) has loads of great online books available, sorted by age, category and language. Let me share a few of my favourites with you!

Stories like Sydney and the Sea Monster , Tales From The Land Under My Table , The Pied Piper of Hamelin , The Shark God , The Tale of Peter Rabbit , The Flying Train ...

Nonfiction books like Our Flag , Visiting Singapore , Travel by Land, Sea and Air , The Children's Objects Book , Edmund Hillary (who climbed Mount Everest), London Town (1883), Baseball ABC ...

Fun and funny books like Don't Do That! , Dinosaurs I Have Known , The Book of Riddles , The Circus Procession , I Spy ...

And full-length novels and classics, like The Secret Garden , A Christmas Carol , Grimm's Fairy Stories ...