Online Resources
for Teachers and Parents

Here are my favourite websites to help teach all subjects and ages - links, articles, advice, games!

Please note: this is a page primarily for teachers and parents. As such, it mainly contains teachers' resources, aids to planning, etc. Learning games for children are more likely to be found on other pages of this website.

THE VERY BEST: (simply has EVERYTHING you need),  Crickweb and its sister site Everyschool (excellent websites with online games geared to popular primary topics),  Topmarks (a huge database of activities and resources), Primary ("the fun place to learn,"), Mr. Crammond , Interactive Sites for Education (a site after my own heart), Primary Games Arena (nice sorting by age and subject), and E-Learning for Kids (brilliant - cartoon lessons and activities for all ages and subjects). The ClassTools website really lives up to its name, and it has a very useful Search function!

Other excellent general websites for teachers include the Have Fun Teaching website , the Pro Teacher website Channel 4 learning - resources for primary and secondary; Learning Games for Kids  (covers just about everything); the Parkfield Primary School (lots of excellent resources!); and Mrs. Mitchell's Virtual School  (lots of great links), The Teacher's Guide , Communication4All , Gary Hall's Resources...

Also (useful for parents) is Teach Kids How - preparing children for life.

Here are some websites which focus on specific areas: British Council for Learning English (fantastic cartoon stories and songs on a wide range of topics, suitable for EAL and ages 3-9); Usborne Quicklinks (links to activities to accompany Usborne books); ICT Games (one section for Literacy and one for Numeracy); Kids World Fun ; Teaching Tricks (interesting articles and resources), Learning Support Magazine (a publication for teaching assistants, full of great tips; now sadly out of circulation, but archived for free access),  EduWeb (fantastic interactive educational games, all ages and subjects), Can Teach and Songs for Teaching , both with excellent selections of poems and songs for all subjects.

Here is a  selection of website for finding useful links; many websites do have a links section, but for serious browsing around try Top Sites for  Teachers , The Best on the Web for Teachers , Educational Freeware Good Sites for Kids , Eaton Educational Insights , and .

Bouncy Balls is a great classroom noise monitor!
ClassTools is highly recommended!

Primary Resources is one of the best websites to find resources on - all subjects in primary school, from Foundation to Key Stage 2.
Other good websites to download resources from are TES Teaching Resources (including their special collections of resources ; see also here ), (wonderful resources, mostly free),  Share My , , Key Stage 2 Complete .
Save Your Sundays, Lazy (great name, and good KS1-2 resources collections), TeachingEssentials (a well-named website!), PrimarySchoolTeaching, Education Leeds (excellent collections of resources), Communication4All , BBCSchools, Primary Resources (Australia)


Top Marks - if you start here, you may not need anything else! Full Literacy resources for Foundation , KS1 , KS2 , KS3 , KS4 .

- The Literacy Boot Camp - links to cover every single English topic up to the end of Year 6.
An excellent set of Writing Text Organisers !
Schoolsnet has a selection of plans for various Literacy topics.
The Literacy Shed .
The English section of Primary Resources .
The Fun with English Games site.
The Into the Book website is a brilliant way to teach reading skills! is brilliant for printable vocabulary games.


(Note - remember, this is the Teachers and Parents page. Collections of Maths games for children can be found on the Mathematics page .)
- - just brilliant! All ages, all maths topics, many languages. Brilliant for setting tests and automatically grading them. Just register a free teacher's account!
- Maths Under The Sea is a wonderful website with many great features, including printable worksheets to go with each activity. Suitable for Key Stages 1 and 2.
- The MyMiniMaths website is terrific! Daily tasks for all maths areas, Years 3-6.
- Maths Is - a wonderful website which clearly explains maths concepts. All ages; illustrated maths dictionary, thinking games and worksheet generators.
- (for parents, and also teachers, who want to explain concepts).
- www. Year2Maths
- The Maths Boot Camp - links to cover every single maths topic up to the end of Year 6.
- Gary Hall's Maths Resources - basically, all of the learning objectives with linked activities. Years 2-6. So useful!
Use Kids Maths Games Online.

- Jenny Eather's Maths Charts .
- The Singapore Maths Teacher : Model Drawing Resources.
- TeacherLed Interactive Whiteboard Math Resources
- Shine and Write - Visual Aids for Maths Teachers
- Top Marks has full resources for Foundation , KS1 , KS2 , KS3 , KS4 .
- William Emeny, author of 100 Things Awesome Teachers Do has a KS3 maths website: .
- Math4children is an excellent website with great resources.
- The CIMT (Centre for Innovation in Maths Teaching) has loads of great resources!
- Communication4All has an excellent selections of downloadable Maths resources .

- AAA Maths features a comprehensive set of thousands of interactive arithmetic lessons
- Plans for Maths Topics from SchoolsNet

- MathsBlog
- nrich - The Home of Rich Mathematics

- The Maths section of .
- Maths worksheets from TeachingImage .com
- MathDrills .com


Schoolsnet has an excellent selection of plans for a range of Science topics

- The Science Boot Camp - links to cover every single Science topic up to the end of Year 6.
The "Discover Primary Science" website has lots of great resources.

The ScienceKids website.
Crickweb's collection of Science links .
Easy Science for Kids - excellent site for teaching young students.
Food - a Fact of Life . Videos and information on food for science and PSHE.

Enjoy these fun Printable Masks !


Mr. Donn should be your first place to go for information on any history or geography topic.


- Gary Hall Computing Resources .

The Kids Health website is very useful, as is its Educators section.