BBC Bitesize KS1 science games - lots of fun, 3 levels of difficulty each, suitable for ages 6-9.
BBC Science clips - games and simulations that cover all topics for ages 5-11
Easy Science for Kids .
Science Boot Camp is a revision aid for all the topics of Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11)
Play Science Bingo to review key words for all Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 topics!

Sheppard Software has fun Science games!
Go to ScienceForKids for loads of fascinating activities!
The Science Toy Maker site - where "Why?" becomes "Wow!"
Sing the Scientific Method Song , and other Science Songs .
Sheppard Software Science Games
Science Topics , Games and Experiments , from the Science Kids website has lots of fun videos and resources

Everyschool website: Key Stage 1 games and the Key Stage 2 games. 
Test your general knowledge with these Classtools games.
Learn about characteristics of materials with this BBC Bitesize game.
Play this Learning Chocolate game to test yourself on the names of materials

Enjoy using this Interactive Periodic Table !

Activities on Changing State , from the Everyschool website
An arcade game quiz my class helped me make!

This BBC Science Clips game shows you how to test different types of rock.
Learn all about soil with the Answer Worm!
A Learning Chocolate game to learn the names of precious stones .
A beautiful Persian book on making models with rocks .

Play this " SortRocksIntoGroups " Classtools Dustbin game.
Play Arcade Games to review Science Vocabulary - for English Learners and for English Speakers .

Learn everything about teeth with the Children's University of Manchester - what teeth are used for, what's inside a tooth, how to care for's all here!
You can also go to see the BDA 3D Mouth
Go to to learn about tooth care and what your dentist can do for you.
Go to SymbolWorld for an illustrated guide to healthy teeth

Go to Learning Chocolate to quiz yourself on Tooth Vocabulary
Learn all about teeth and healthy eating with Doctor Who and the Judoon !
Learn about Teeth and Eating , with BBC Scienceclips
 Tell the Tooth ! Can you pass this hilarious teeth quiz?
Click here for an end-of-unit test - six fun games to see how much you know about teeth!

Go to Zooborns to enjoy seeing and reading about the newest additions to zoos around the world.

Search the A-Z Animals Database
Go to the Animal Spot website
See the Animal Databse in the KidsBiology website.

Take the Tour Through Time to learn about animals throughout the ages of the Earth

Find out All About Animals and their habitats here - desert, sea, polar and more!
Read BirdAndMoon Science and Nature cartoons!
The eSkeletons website!

The Scale of the Universe - from galaxies at one end to atoms at the other!
Test yourself on microorganisms with ThatQuiz .
Learn with CellsAlive !
Learn about microorganisms with the Children's University of Manchester .
Good Guy or Bad Guy , with Science for Kids.

The Everyschool website has an excellent selection of plant activities.
BBC Science Clips - can you grow this plant to its full, healthy height?
Garden Guru (6-8 years old) - what do you know about plants?

A huge database of plants (NC STate University)
Learn about Food Chains (plants and animals science) - try here too!
Watch these cartoon videos or play these fun games to learn about the life cycle of a plant!
Learn about Pollination with the KidsGrowStrong website, and with a pdf from the EdenProject ,
Learn all about fruit, with Easy Science for Kids.

On the SunMoonScope you can see how the sun and moon appear from Earth.
We Choose the Moon - relive the Apollo 11 Moon Landing
Explore the planets with this wonderful Solar System Scope !

Play these fun Arcade Games to revise Year 4 Active Earth questions!
You will find this Volcanoes Database to be very useful!