General History websites

History on the Net is a great place to start!
Active History - made by the creator of the Class Tools website.

See an animation of the Egyptian Creation Myth from the BigMyth website.
The Children's University of Manchester has a wonderful section on Ancient Egypt . You can go there to se this Timeline of Ancient Egypt to put events in order, learn to Make a Mummy or see the Pyramids at Giza , and much more!
Play this fun BBC game to learn How to Make a Mummy !

Early Modern Times (sixteenth to eighteenth centuries)
Play this game to learn all about The Great Fire of London .

Modern Times - French Revolution to the First World War)
Read The Children's Object Book - a wonderful overview of Victorian England, written in the 1880s, from the International Children's Digital Library.

What will happen to you when you play... Adventure on the Titanic !