SymbolWorld has a Places Around the World page. Great for EAL!

If you like Tetris then you'll enjoy playing Statetris ! Choose a country or continent, and drop tthe pieces into place in it.

Travel with Barnaby Bear to learn all about countries around the world!

Play Know Your World - can you fit broken maps back together?

Compare your country with others, with the If It Were My Home website.

ZoomEarth has loads of great ways to see our planet - by night, with labels, lots of fun!
Also, the Satellite World Map is a great way to search the Earth!

A wonderful set of 3D interactive globes ! See the Earth in many ways.

A fantastic Interactive Atlas of the Earth!

MapChart - a great resource for learning the world map!

Click here to learn about making symbols and keys on a map .

Sheppard Software has a load of fantastic Geography Games

Mama Lisa - a great website for stories, songs and news from around the world

Read this wonderful puzzle book to Explore Western Europe .

Two online books to read about Singapore: Feast and Festivals and Sights and Scenes .

AfriCam - your LIVE window into the African World!

The Cultural Atlas helps us to understand different peopleĀ  around the world.