English Games


This website has an excellent collection of worksheets to practise reading skills.
FunEnglishGames.com has lots of great English activities including this Newspapers game, this Story Writing game, this Debating game, and this Dictionary game.
Use Free Rice Grammar to test yourself on correct English sentences, while helping to feed hungry people!
Practice your grammar with the Verb Viper !
Practice your descriptive and persuasive writing with this fun Chocolate Advertising game!
Test your grammar with the Academy Island game!
If you're brave enough, come and be a Word Tamer ! Learn all about Prowling Plots, Captured Characters and Wild Words!
You can make your own comics on the Make Beliefs Comix website!
Use the Telescopic Text to practice extending sentences!

Practice using Connectives (conjunctions) like and, but, so...
Learn all about Adjectives with the Grammar show - what they are and how to use them.

Use this game to practice adjectives and adverbs.
Take Punctuation Tests - apostrophes, full stops, commas...
Star Punc - can you put the punctuation marks in the right places in different texts?
Play Word Drop to put words in the right places in texts.
Play Free Rice to find the meanings of words - from level 1 (very easy) to level 60 (you can't do it. Really.)
Use this Classtools Qwikslides Checklist to check your writing (mainly suitable for Y3-4)


Play the " Look and Cover " game to practise spelling.
Practice spelling as you swim in ketchup ! (it's a crazy game!)
Practice your spelling with Coconut Vowels !
Play Spelling Bee or Turtle Dash spelling games with people around the world.
Get your spellings wrong with this fun Torture the Teacher game
Explore Under The Sea and play spelling games matched to your level.

Spelloween - a SCARY spelling game!

Play the Sandcastle Phonics quiz; choose which phonemes to practise and choose the right spellings to make a castle.
Go to PhonicsPlay , choose the Letters and Sounds level and play games (gold Star means subscribe; games with no star are free)
Play Phonics Bingo (any level of the Letters and Sounds scheme, suitable for ages 4 to 9).
This fun Help a Hedgehog game can be used to test reading for Letters and Sounds words, levels 2-5 - or you can use your own words!

Come and enjoy these wonderful games for learning about poetry and making your own poems!
Practice your rhyming skills with Digby Mole and River Rhyming !
Play with the Wizards and Pigs to learn about rhyme, rhythm and alliteration!
Learn all about poems with these great children's poems websites: Kenn Nesbitt's Poetry4kids (lots of great resources, including this Rhyming Dictionary1); and also the FizzyFunnyFuzzy website, the PoetryZone , Kristin Martin's Poems , and Mike Lucas' Poems !
Have fun making your own poems with the Poetry Idea Engine and Poetry Splatter.