Educational Topics


Here is an excellent selection of Rainforest links. Click to see the Kids on Mongabay website , Fun Rainforest Facts from ScienceKids , an excellent Rainforests section from All About Animals , and .
The Parkfield Infant Encyclopaedia is a great resource to learn about rainforests!
Learn all about the people who live in the rainforests - how children live, how their families live, this short article , and stories of children's rainforest lives. Also, how to make Masks of tribes from African countries.
A crossword puzzle and a set of arcade games to learn about people living in rainforests
Do you want to learn about things that live in rainforests? You could start by searching Kiddle , look at Rainforest Animals , search the A-Z Animals Database , or the A-Z Plants Database .


To begin with, an easy start: a SymbolWorld article about India .
Time for Kids has an overview of the famous places, history and language of India. You can also use The Story of India
The Teach India Project
Photos of India, with the Global Eye
The Earth Zoom map of the Indian village Chimbakolli , as well as finding other places! (You can also use the Interactive Atlas ).
For researching topics on India, try: , PrimaryICT , Symbolworld , or Choosito .

Habitats and the Water Cycle

See this informative animation of the Water Cyle.
Use the Satellite World Map to search for rivers and lakes!
Play this Build Your Own Canal game!


Use the Pirate Glossary to learn all about pirates and their ships!
Enjoy these Pirate Jokes !

Mr. Donn's Explorers for Kids resources
Learn about Explorers Through the Ages !
Search through All About Explorers .com
Read and The Great Plant Expedition !
Read Ducksters on Explorers
Read SymbolWorld articles on Neil Armstrong , Marco Polo , and Dr. Livingstone .

Energy and Electricity

Play in the Electromatic Factory - a fun BBC Bitesize games for ages 6 - 9.
Which things use electricity ?
Where is electricity used ?
Three ScienceClips games on making circuits - Easy , Medium and Advanced .
Electric Circuits - a fun game for one or two players!
A fun, simple Circuit Builder !
Can you make energy flow ?
The Blobz Guide to electricity!
Play Funergy , and stop the Energy Monkeys from wasting power!
The EverySchool website has loads of great games for learning about Energy!
Play Silicon Spies - a fun energy game - to stop the evil Dr. Voltron!

Researching Energy

General research on Energy Sources with and eschooltoday .
Learn about Solar Power with Ducksters , SciencKids , and eschooltoday .
Learn about Coal Power with National Geographic , ScienceKids ,and eschooltoday .
Learn about Wind Power with Ducksters , Science Kids , and eschooltoday .
Learn about Water Power with Ducksters , Science Kids , and eschooltoday .
Learn about Geothermal Power with Ducksters , Science Kids , and eschooltoday .

Environmental Issues

The Clean Air Kids website
ESchoolToday on Climate Change
Tiki the Penguin
What is Climate Change? From National Geographic
Play the Dustbin Game on the effects of global warming.