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Make your own animations with

The Crickweb website has lots of great resources for ICT!

Welcome to the Web will teach you all about how to use the internet safely. You can also learn about online safety with the ThinkUKnow website, and the Hector's World cartoons .
To surf the internet safely, you can use SafeSearch or .

Watch and learn about being SMART with Kara and Winston.

Learn all about Coding with Crunchzilla
Play with Unit the Robot so you can practice giving instructions
Help Sherlocke Holmes to find a murderer using your knowledge of Databases.

Play Save The Wizard to practice emailing skills.

Learning about Simulations: Try these activities! Make a garden ...visit the Virtual Quarry ...create your own jewellery ...carve stone with Sculpturama !

Using Scratch JR
The ScratchJr website has many useful instructions and tips;

Have fun with these TYPING GAMES !